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  • Dr. Michael Okolo-1 Dr. Michael Okolo-1 Chairman & CEO Founder of Oracle Financial Group, llc, Maryland, USAMBA, MS, CEP, Ph.D. {p}Dr. Okolo-1 works with professionals to maintain their financial independence. With 27 years of experience as a financial professional, he has developed unique strategies to help his clients accumulate wealth without taking stock market risks, increase their income, lower their taxes, protect their assets and transfer more assets to their beneficiaries. He holds a post-doctorate in Strategic Finance from Harvard University Graduate School of Business. He attended California Western School of Law, San Diego, received his MS in Planning from the University at Buffalo, a Ph.D. in Finance from Madison University (Magna Cum Laude). Dr. Okolo-1 also obtained an MBA in Finance (Hons.), Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD.{/p} {p}“...His wealth of knowledge and experience in IRA, Retirement Plans, Tax Laws, 401(k), estate planning and asset protection made him a ... 'raconteur par excellence' ... ” according to Professor Henry DuBay, his client for over 20 years. Dr. Okolo-1's expertise in the financial industry allows him to properly advise professionals on how to cut their taxes, pass on their estate completely tax-free to their loved ones, protect their assets from creditors/nursing homes and have more money to spend. Mistakes are costly.{/p} {p}He believes that “Applied Knowledge is Power.”{/p}
  • Jack Funderburk Jack Funderburk Senior Vice President CSA





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